Posted by Thomas P. on 5th Mar 2023

What is Overlanding?

So what does it mean to go overlanding?

Overlanding is vehicle dependent travel, focusing on the journey itself and living in nature from your vehicle and not so much the destination itself.

So you may be wondering, what type of vehicle would I need to start overlanding, do I need some fancy rig or massive truck?
The answer to that is no, altho many overlanding enthusiast end up building out their custom rigs over time, based on their experience over their time overlanding and the destination spots they want to reach.
However you do not need to start with some big fancy rig, you can honestly start with the vehicle you currently have, even if it's not a 4x4. 

The idea is to simply get out of the house and go somewhere and enjoy the journey along the way while eating and sleeping out of your vehicle.  
Once you've had a taste of experiencing a day or two on the road or trail while living from your vehicle, you may just be hooked, and decide to start venturing out further to new cool places and experiences.
Often times that would involve some sort off-road capable vehicles where you can discover remote trails and areas that are less frequently visited, but that's the cool part of it.  
You honestly don't need a whole lot of gear to get started tho, just the basics for a short 1 or 2 day trip.
For instance, the basics would be some sort of cooler to keep food and drinks cool, some appropriate sleeping gear for the current season your in to be comfortable sleeping in your vehicle, food, water, map and or GPS, couple change of clothes, a good knife, first aid, some sort of light for seeing in the dark, fire starter and a tarp for additional shelter or ground cover if you need it and any other little items you may want, like a good bag to carry the necessities in.
The idea is to use your vehicle as a living base camp, having a very minimum foot print while you get out and explore nature or even a certain place or event. 
So what are you waiting for?  Get off the couch and start planning a little venture today!  
You don't even travel far from home to do it, just have fun and be safe!
Happy overlanding!